OWL Archery

The Open World Learning Community in Saint Paul has a lot to be proud of. Many of their students are quite the athletes. That includes Emily Yang. She beat out hundreds of students in an archery tournament. She’s the state girls’ champ, but her numbers were so good that she also beat out the guys! Emily is just one of the talented members of the team.

Emily and her teammates say they love the sport of archery. They say it’s not only fun, but it also teaches them about teamwork, patience and confidence.

TCL reporter Emily Engberg visited OWL for a one on one lesson. Emily has never even held a bow, but after just a short lesson and a lot of cheering on, Emily gave it a go and really enjoyed it. She even had a little friend competition with Emily Yang. Needless to say, Emily Yang was amazing.

To learn more about OWL archery and its team, click here.

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