Coffee with Cool People: Mike Veeck of the Saint Paul Saints

The Saint Paul Saints are in their twenty sixth season. That means a whole lot of history having fun. The Saint Paul Saints are all about having a good time with the entire family. At the forefront of that fun is co-owner Mike Veeck. His motto? Fun is good. Emily Engberg says Mike has a passion for living that so many of us could learn from. That’s exactly why she wanted to introduce Mike as her guest on “Coffee with Cool People”. Emily says he’s more than just cool. He has a heart of gold and works really hard to bring people something unique at CHS Field in Lowertown Saint Paul.

Mike’s vision for the Saints has always been to make it something everyone can enjoy. If you’re a baseball fan, you’ll get good baseball. If you want entertainment and good food, you’ll get it. Mike says the biggest joy is watching all of the smiles in the stands on game day. Mike’s idea of having fun goes beyond baseball. He has written a book (“Fun is Good”) about bringing joy to the workplace. He is also part of the “Fun is Good Team“. Their goal is to help organizations build a more positive, creative and fun culture.

The Saints are known for its fun events before, during and even after the games. Mike says thinking outside of the box is what makes them stand out. It’s also what makes people happy. Having fun is something so many of us could use more of. Mike and his team believe this is one way of doing it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.

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