First Aid on the Campground

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Dr. Archelle Georgiou does a round of “take this, not that” with camping first aid! 1. First Aid Kit Do take a pre-packed kit Don’t take one you pack yourself The prepackaged kits are lighter, cheaper and more complete. Here is one she recommends on Amazon. 2. Creams and Lotions Do take 1% cortisone cream Don’t take calamine lotion Cortisone is more effective at decreasing itching and inflammation. It also helps you heal faster. It also contains zinc oxide which helps with soothing. 3. Bug Spray Do take buy spray that works Don’t take bug spray just because it’s marked as “plant based” or “natural” You should look for DEET, picaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus. It also must be in the right concentration. Look for: DEET: 15-30% (higher is not better) Picardin: 20% Oil of Lemon Eucalytus: 30% Popular brands have formulas that include cedar, citronelle, lavender, geranium oil and rosemary. These don’t work particularly well. 4. Wound Dressings Do bring steri-strips Do not bring super glue Super glue only works for neat and clean cuts (like from a knife). Steri-strips act like stiches for small cuts. She recommends this product from Amazon . For more about Dr. Georgiou, click here .

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