Camping 101

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Camping is a lot of fun, but forgetting some key items can be a big bummer. So we enlisted camping lover Amy Frischmon to help with some pointers. Amy showed us around Wildwood RV Park and Campground . Not only is it perfect for getting friends and family together, it’s also a great spot to really enjoy the great outdoors. Each campground has a picnic table and trash can. The site is also close to a pool and not too far away. The water is perfect for a ride down river in a canoe. Amy says staying on a campground is all about using common sense. Clean up after your dog, keep the lights out of other campers’ sites, clean up your trash and just be courteous. Also, come prepared. Here are Amy’s must bring items to a campground. 1. S’more’s goodies -this is a must have at a fire. Kids and adults love them so make sure you get a sweet treat -harder to find once you get to your campsite 2. Layers of clothing -weather can change quickly so make sure you have a rain coat, layers if it’s cold, a swimsuit and dry clothes and towels 3. Bug spray -it’s no fun when you are getting eaten all day and night, plus you should protect yourself from ticks 4. Tablecloth -Wildwood RV Park and Campground has picnic tables on site, but it’s always nice having the tables covered to make them more comfortable and to keep them clean 5. Chairs in a bag -this saves you room and also gives you more seating outside your tent or camper -more comfortable for the family 6. Smile -have fun and smile -a smile is contagious and everyone wants to have a good time so enjoy it!

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