Dad’s Day Experiences

Doing something special for dad is always nice, but sometimes coming up with a unique gift for Father’s Day can be tricky. We’re hooking you up experiences, not just gift ideas. These are some fun things you and dad can do together. Adventurous reporter Emily Engberg came up with the list and says all of them are different. All of them are perfect depending on the type of dad in your life.

1. Perfect Swing Golf Academy
Perfect Swing Golf Academy helps golfers (both newbies and those who have been playing for years) work on their golf swing. They use a special technology with a robot that is only in about ten places around the country. The robot takes video, watches how you move, stand and swing and then helps look at what can be improved. Emily says it’s a great way of seeing what is and isn’t working. If you dad loves golf or is even getting started and wants to be better, this is perfect.

Mention Twin Cities Live now through the end of June and get a ninety minute introductory lesson at Perfect Swing Golf Academy for $199. It’s usually $225.

2. Bad Axe Throwing
If you dad likes adventure and a good challenge, this would be a good fit. Bad Axe Throwing is exactly what it sounds like. Axe throwing for the thrill. There are coaches that walk you through the process by giving you a lesson in throwing and of course safety. It’s in Minneapolis and it has special stations. So, you can go with dad or bring a whole crew. You can also do private parties and special events. It’s only been around for a few months and it’s already gaining a ton of popularity. Emily says you don’t have to be really strong or really good. It’s a lot of fun to keep trying and eventually, it gets you hooked.

3. Steamboat Minnehaha
If you’re dad likes the water or being on a boat, this gift is for you. It’s an experience that not only is relaxing and interesting, it also includes awesome scenery and a history lesson. Emily took a ride on the yellow, wooden boat and says it has character and charm you won’t find just anywhere. There’s even a steam whistle on the boat. The history dates back to the early 1900’s. There were originally six boats that were streetcar boats, but later went missing down below in the lake. After a lot of hard work, time and money, project of restoring Steamboat Minnehaha got underway. Emily loves this ride. They do special events and they do cruises through October 7th. Emily tells people to be visitors in their own town and to take a ride. She also recommends it to folks who are visiting. The ride takes you from Excelsior and Wayzata and sometimes goes around Big Island.

To learn more about the cruises and history on Steamboat Minnehaha, click here.

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