DIY Mason Jars

Twin Cities Live Producer Lisa Adams showed up some fun DIY Mason Jar crafts to try for your next patio party. 1. Mason Jar Centerpiece Steps: 1. Clean out mason jar 2. Measure burlap ribbon to wrap around mason jar twice 3. Take end of ribbon and fold inward to create creased edge, put small line of glue on mason jar and attach 4. Wrap ribbon around twice and secure on back side 5. Put three small dots of glue on front and both sides 6. Cut red checkered ribbon and tie in bow around front, put small dot of hot glue under bow 7. Line up lace ribbon below and secure tightly in back with hot glue 8. Place marbles or decoractive in bottom of jar Materials: Mason jar 1 Spool of burlap ribbon 1 Spool of red and white checkered ribbon 1 Spool of lace ribbon Hot glue gun and glue sticks Decorative marbles 2. Mason Jar Utensil Holder Find fun napkins, try out Add utensils, name card and straw 3. Mason Jar Bug Repellent Luminaries 3- Inch Floating Candles Rosemary or bay leaves 1 oz essential oil -lavendar 1 oz essential oil – lemon eucalyptus Lemon Lime Steps: 1.Cut lemon and limes in to circle and place in mason jar 2.Add rosemary sprigs or bay leaves (you can choose based on what look you are going for) 3. Add water to top of mason jar 4. Add 5 drops of lavendar essential oil 5. Add 3 drops of lemon eucalyptus 6. Add and light floating candles

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