TCL In Your Town: Mondays with the Mayor

Twin Cities Live is all about the city of North Saint Paul the week of June 18, 2018. This small town has a lot of personality and a lot to see. The city offers something called “Mondays with the Mayor”. It gives residents the chance to meet with the mayor and city council members to talk about issues, concerns and ideas.

Emily Engberg spent the day hanging with the mayor to learn about the city. They made three very important stops.

The first stop was to the iconic giant snowman at Margaret Street and Highway 36. You can’t miss it. The snowman stands forty four feet tall, weighs twenty tons and its smile alone reaches sixteen feet across. The snowman dates back to 1969 when a resident and civic leader wanted to build a simple that would represent the city. It’s been a huge hit ever since. In 1972, the city council donated land and the snowman was built. It used to be on the city’s main street, but moved to its current location in 1990.

The second stop Mayor Mike Kuehn showed off was one that he says is his favorite spot in North Saint Paul. It’s called Janie’s Playground. It’s in honor of a little girl who passed away. The community came together and helped donate money and times to make the play area a reality for all sorts of children. It’s a busy spot for families. The playground is in Casey Lake Park.

The third stop is a peaceful one. Silver Lake Park not only has a beautiful lake, but there’s fishing, a spot to grill and picnic tables to enjoy a meal with family and friends. It’s also the park where the mayor learned to swim. He says some of his favorite memories are in this park.

Mondays with the Mayor is the first Monday of every Month.

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