DIY Your 4th of July

The fourth of July is even more fun in Elizabeth’s house these days. This year they’re not only celebrating Independence Day, but baby Franklin’s 1st birthday! If you’re planning a festive red, white and blue party this summer too, let the party preps begin now. Daniel Rode from Upsy Daisy stopped by with DIY ideas for that summer BBQ.

Kid’s Party Table
Create a kids table with activities to keep them busy during your festivities. Danielle used an old school desk and painted it in stars and stripes. Danielle says using pickle jars S’mores ingredients adds and interesting and cute touch! She also loves having glow sticks out for the kids! Find her “Light Up the Night” template here to create your own.

How to make “Light Up the Night” holders:
1. Use cardstock to print the template.
2. Cut out.
3. Simply slit above and below the words.
4. Insert your glow sticks or sparklers.

Yarn Sphere String Lights
Add a festive touch to your home décor by making yarn balls! They’re an inexpensive and versatile décor trick and they make for easy party decorations. This is a messy activity, so prep outside and use a baking rack to dry. The glue will drip! Let the spheres dry for 24 hours before stringing lights.

Materials needed:
• Balloons
• Cooking spray
• School glue
• 1/2 cup cornstarch
• 1/4 cup hot water
• Scissors
• Yarn
• A mixing bowl
• Twinkly light garland to attach the twine-balls to
• Fishing wire

How to:
1. Blow up balloons to different sizes (filling balloons only halfway will help you achieve a more spherical shape) and knot each balloon.
2. Create a drying area. I used a drying rack over a cookie sheet.
3. Spray balloons with cooking spray (to make removing the yarn easier later).
4. In the bowl, mix hot water with cornstarch and then add a bottle of white school glue and mix thoroughly.
5. Dip yarn into the glue mixture and gently squeeze out the excess with your fingers — you may want to wear rubber gloves.
6. Beginning at the knot-end of your balloon, wrap your balloon with the wet yarn. The more you wrap, the denser the ball will be.
7. Wrap in all directions, top to bottom and side to side.
8. When you’re satisfied with the wrapping, cut the string.
9. Repeat the process with the remaining balloons.
10. Allow the balloons to dry completely. This may take about 24 hours. The yarn should be stiff and dry.
11. Pop the balloon and remove it from inside the sphere.
12. Hang your yarn spheres on outdoor lights. You can use fishing wire or your yarn to attach and keep the spheres from falling off.

Shutter Box – Plate/Napkin Caddy
Keep all your plates, napkins and forks in a convenient place! Danielle uses old shutters to create a box to hold these items. If you don’t have old shutters, you can use 1×6 boards.
Decorate them in any way you like! Danielle added drawer handles to add interest and it makes the caddy easy to carry!

Materials needed:
• Old shutters (2)
• 1×4 or 1×6 board
• hammer
• nails
• wood glue
• décor paint
• paint brush
• saw

1. Cut the bottom piece of wood the length of your shutters.
2. Place the shutters upright along the bottom piece of wood to determine the size to cut your end pieces. They will need to be cut to fit into the ends.
3. Paint or stain all of your wood.
4. Use wood glue to attach the shutters to the bottom piece of wood.
5. Use wood glue to attach the end pieces.
6. Use nails to secure the hold

Upsy Daisy is newly remodeled and now open! Check out their Facebook Page here.

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