Mowing the lawn. For many, the necessary chore interrupts an otherwise relaxing weekend. And it doesn’t help matters when you don’t really know what you’re doing out there. TCL Host Steve Patterson recruited the help of iMowedit, a lawn care service run by two college students. Their initial aim was to offer low-cost lawn care for senior citizens, which they still do. But since then, the business has expanded to offer service to a wide variety of customers all across the metro.

When meeting with Patterson, the team from iMowedit focused on three techniques that can help you with your lawn care. First off, establish a perimeter. This means mowing around the perimeter of your property two times. This gives you at least forty inches of room around the edges to make turning the mower much easier – which makes keeping those pretty lines simple. Second, have your mower chute pointed away from flowerbeds and sidewalks. That will keep cut grass, which operates as mulch for your remaining grass, where it should be. Lastly, mind your weed eater. Go slow as you approach things like fences, kids playhouses and rock borders. This will keep you from damaging your equipment and landscape, and will enable you to maintain better control.

If you’re ready to hand off the duty of mowing your lawn, click here to reach the team at iMowedit.

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