Be Well with TCL: The Self-Care Solution

We’re only about a month into summer break, moms do you feel like you’re drowning yet? That feeling of being overwhelmed can take over quickly as moms try to make not only kids happy, but also themselves. It’s something a Minnetonka mom of four realized after reaching her own breaking point and after hearing from other moms going through the exact same thing, she decided to write a book about it.

It started with an online survey Julie Burton posted to a mom’s website, and hundreds of responses came in. What came of those responses was her book, “The Self-Care Solution,” a guide for mothers to not only take care of their children, but just as important, themselves.

Julie stopped by the Twin Cities Live studios to share what led her to write this book and why it’s an essential tool for every single mother.

In the book Julie praises finding your own space, away from the kids, to find yourself and tap into your creative side. To help women, Julie founded ModernWell, a women-centered, collaborative work, writing and wellness space in Minneapolis. Here women are empowered to connect with themselves and each other through work, wellness and creativity.

Learn more about ModernWell here. Click here to buy the book.

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