Summer Fun with Products & Games

Emily Engberg loves a good product. In fact, she’s tested all sorts of things over the years. Now, she’s on a mission to make the 4th of July a little more fun with the help of some products that will make it more enjoyable, convenient and fun. Here’s her list of things to try for your holiday outing.

Creek Kooler

The Creek Kooler is a cooler that not only floats, but works like a mini boat. Emily says she loves that it can attached to a kayak, a paddle board, boat, or it can even float on its own in a pool. It’s the perfect party cooler. It has spots for a can of beer or pop. It also has a lid that turns to open and close, making it easy to get in and out of.

Yoshi Copper Grill Mat

It’s a grill mat that helps cook meet and veggies evenly. It can also be used for baking, but Emily says it’s a great way to grill. She has used it on the grill many times.

Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener

No need to spend a lot of money sharpening those dull knives. Emily thought this product would fail, but it has been a go-to in her house for months.

Spray Chalk

No need to get messy with chalk on your hands. Spray Chalk makes it easy to spray on the sidewalk. Fellow TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson had her kids test it. She said they had fun using it. Just be careful when it’s windy. It will blow into you. It also needs a good washing, but it was a fun way to spend time outdoors.


Rollors is a game where bocce ball meets horseshoes. The objective is to get the most points and your discs closest to the goal posts. The game was developed by an Eden Prairie native.

Mention “SKOL” (clearly a guy who loves Minnesota, still!) and get 20% off of your order through the end of the day on June 26th.

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