Somalis + Minnesota at the Minnesota History Center

The Minnesota History Center has a new exhibit called “Somalis + Minnesota”. Minnesota is home to more Somalis and Somali Americans than any other state in the country. The first Somali immigrants arrived in the 1960s. Most Somali Americans came to Minnesota to escape civil war in 1991. Many came here with only one bag of clothing and belongings.

The exhibit at the Minnesota History Center walks visitors through stories of many successful Somali Americans who have made a life here in Minnesota. Many of them have become business owners, artists and leaders in their community. Visitors also get to see how many of the families lived before they arrived here in the United States. There are several stories that also show the cultures are similar. Both take pride in family and community. Both love what Minnesota has to offer.

There are more than seven hundred pieces in the collection at the exhibit. You can also visit a reconstructed nomadic hut from Somalia, read about the stories of so many immigrants who now call Minnesota home and you get to see the history of Somalia through photographs.

Somalis + Minnesota is at the Minnesota History Center through June of 2019.

To learn more about the Minnesota History Center and what it has to offer, click here.

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