Crafts for Kids

With the kids home you’re probably looking for ways to keep them busy.  Jen Appleberry, owner of Appleberry’s Attic, has a fun and simple project that will keep them busy and spread a little kindness.

Rocks – around the yard, at the park, or ask a neighbor.
Paint Brushes

For Kindness Rocks, the idea is to paint the rocks with kind and encouraging messages.Then go on a family walk and leave them on the curb, at the park, or by someone’s mail box.

For Story Rocks the idea is to paint the rocks with fun and funny things! A watermelon, person, puppy, donut, or space ship! Then pile the rocks in the middle of the dinner table and start telling a story! The first person in the circle starts the story by grabbing a rock and starting their story with that image. After their bit of story, the second person grabs a different rock from the pile and continues adding onto the story with the image on that rock. The story continues around the circle until all the rocks are gone.


Card Board – finally all those Amazon Boxes have a purpose
Colored Paper – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple *if you don’t have construction paper think scrap book paper, wrapping paper, junk mail!
Glue or Glue StickCotton BallsButtons – optional if you’d like to add dimension!


  1. Cut a Rainbow U Shape out of your box.
  2. Next, cut up your Colored Paper into 1or so inch squares
  3. Starting with the red paper, begin glueing those squares along the outside of the rainbow shape.
  4. Glue squares all the way around till that first line of color is all filled up. Continue to your next color.
  5. Overlap the orange paper slightly onto the red so you have room for all the lines of colors.
  6. Continue that process until you have all 5 lines of color glued around your rainbow!
  7. Lastly take Cotton Balls and pull them apart gently to fluff them up and make them more full. Glue a bunch of them together at the bottom of your rainbow for some fluffy clouds!
  8. Think about adding optional buttons hot glued sporadically around the rainbow for dimension and more color!

Appleberry’s Attic is temporarily closing for 2 weeks. Today is the last fay to come and get their Craft Kits to help pass the time and keep you and your kiddos creative during this Stay at Home Order.

▪️Please stay in your vehicle and form a line starting in the front of our building behind my black truck. Wrap around the building and into the side parking lot if needed. This is on 3/26 from 4-6pm or until supplies last.
▪️No prepay or registration is needed. Just show up, grab, and go!
▪️Cash or Card is accepted.
▪️Kits including everything you need to create – Just Add Paint!

Adult Kit – Cute House Block – $15.00
Kid Kit – Easter Egg Bundle – $10.00

Drive Thru Location:
Appleberry’s Attic Downtown Anoka Studio
2013 – 2nd Ave. Anoka, MN 55303


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