Virtual Home Buying

Normally when buying a home you make an appointment, get in the car, and go tour the property.  That method can be a bit tough right now.  Julie and Daniel Desrochers from Desrochers Realty Group and EXP Realty are offering ways to visit those potential homes without leaving your couch.

How you can virtually look at a house on the market?

  • Facetime showings -Housing transactions are considered essential so if you have to move you are still allowed to go look at a home.
    • If someone feels uncomfortable we can visit the home alone and do a virtual showing, via facetime or skype.
  • All of our listings have 3D virtual walkthroughs posted online that anyone can look at
    • Super interactive, can walk through every part of the home, look at the exterior and even look out windows
    • Great way to narrow your search down so you are looking at the homes you only absolutely love.

Virtual Open Houses

  • We had a couple this past weekend. We are posting them on Facebook live as an event.
    • Buyers can tune in to tour the home from the comfort of their couch.
    • Can interact with our realtors at the properties via chat asking them questions.
    • Advertising these upcoming virtual opens on Facebook
    • We are fluid with this system and changing protocol accordingly to adhere with covid -19 guidelines.

Virtually Listing Your Home

  • We can perform listing appointments via zoom and facetime.
  • Our listing packet is completely electronic so we can review it via video.
  • Zoom is a really great platform that we use to meet with clients virtually where we can share our computer screen to share pictures and our presentation.
  • We can do a virtual walk through of the home to advise on projects that need to get started.
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