DIY Lemonade Stands

TCL Craft Star Alisun Abbott shared how to make fun DIY lemonade stands and party tables.

Lemonade Stand made with crates, staircase-spindles and buckets


1. Paint four crates and four staircase spindles 2. Place one spindle on top of another spindle and secure with two brackets and repeat wth remaining two spindles 3. Place two horizontal crates side-by-side on the ground. the backside of one create will face the audience to create a shelf. 4. Place the remaining two creates on top of the creates. again, one of the creates will be backwards to create a shelf. 5. Place two buckets of sand next to the base of the creates. one on each side of the crates. 6. Place staircase spindles in each of the sand buckets. secure by moving sand around base of staircase spindle. add lemons to bucket. 7. Loop lemonade banner on the top of each of the staircase spindles.

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