Fitness with Britt

TCL producer, Brittany Runck loves to exercise and she loves sharing her tips to help others stay healthy, happy and active too.  Your workout routine might have gotten thrown off a bit but Brittany shows us that you can get great results by working out from home.  She puts a few of the trending workout videos to the test.

  • Home Workout Tip #1:  Create a workout space
  • Home Workout Tip #2: Eliminate Distractions
  • Home Workout Tip #3: You only need 20 minutes.

Check out Brittany’s website for more tips and workout advice.

Workout Videos Used:

Toilet Paper Workout
Laundry Detergent Circuit

Gyms are closed and our routines are constantly changing. And we’re all looking for ways to deal with anxiety and stress. We love it when Kim Marie Ross comes on our show and now she can help you work out at home!

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