Travel Habits Worth Adopting

As a travel expert, Renata Faeth from AAA Minneapolis has jetsetted around the world, picking up best practices with each trip. She stopped by to share five things every traveler should adopt, and following these could help save you money, too.

Renata’s advice:

  • Check to make sure your passport is valid nine months before you travel internationally
    • Some countries require your passport have at least six month validity from the date of your return to the United States
    • Check on required visas you may need to get in addition to your passport. Countries like Vietnam and Brazil require them for tourists. Renata recommends using to see a list of what’s necessary for your trip.
  • Travel insurance is worth it
    • Cancel for any reason insurance is now available
  • Safety needs to be a priority
  • Do research on your destination(s)
    • Knowing how to say please and thank you in the host country goes a long way
  • Use travel professionals to your advantage
    • Travel professionals can help you combine airfare and hotel to save you money

Connect with the team at AAA Minneapolis Travel by calling (952) 927-2525. During the month of July, the AAA Travel Store in Saint Louis Park is offering discounts on luggage. The Travel Store is open to the public — no need to be a member to shop!

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