Editing with Instagram

If you’re only using the built-in filters to make your Instagram pictures pop, you aren’t taking advantage of everything the photo app has to offer! TCL producer and photographer Christian Unser shows us how to use all of those tools to make your pictures look even better!

Christian also showed off a Prynt Pocket printer that can instantly turn photos from your phone into actual pictures! For more information and to purchase a Prynt Pocket, click here.

Here’s the editing tools and what they all do:

– LUX: This sun-shaped tool at the top of your photos will bump up the contrast and saturation – ADJUST: allows you to change the tilt and angle of your photo – BRIGHTNESS: Increases the brightness of the entire image – CONTRAST: Makes the darks darker and the lights lighter – STRUCTURE: Brings out fine details – WARMTH: Makes the picture either warmer (more red) or cooler (more blue) – SATURATION: Makes the colors pop – a little goes a long way! – COLOR: Chose to either tint the shadows or highlights of your image – FADE: Makes your pic look like an old photo – HIGHLIGHTS: Adjust the intensity of the light portions – SHADOWS: Adjust the intensity of the dark portions – VIGNETTE: Darkens the corners of the image – TILT SHIFT: Allows you to choose what’s in focus – SHARPEN: Sharpens what is visible For more information about Christian’s photography business, Unser Imagery, click here.

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