TCL Time Travels: Jeffers Petroglyphs & Historic Forestville

Minnesota is full of great destinations for the entire family. Twin Cities Live has been teaming up with Explore Minnesota and the Minnesota Historical Society all summer long to bring you to some of them.

Among our stops, we’re going back. Way back thousands of years to see something that’s older than Stonehenge. Jeffers Petroglyphs features some five thousand rock carvings made by ancestors of today’s American Indians. Some of the carvings go back as far as seven thousand years. The newest still go back about one hundred and fifty years.

Petroglyphs mark so many important pieces in our history. This spot is sacred and many people from all over the country and even internationally come here to pray and to find peace. There are all sorts of events coming up at Jeffers Petroglyphs. Click here to learn more.

Historic Forestville is another great spot to really see how folks used to live. This spot is known as the forgotten town. When the railroad didn’t make its way through the town, many folks left to find work. The town eventually became quiet.

Historic Forestville is inside Mystery Cave Park. When you arrive, you’re greeted by a Carnegie Steel Bridge that dates back to 1899. The historic site also has the original 19th century merchandise found inside the local store in town. You get to tour the a kitchen that was the Meighen families all those years ago. You’ll also see how hard folks worked for money and to get their chores down in the garden and on the farm. There are tour guides that act as though you’re in that era. It truly gives you a real feel for what life was like back then.

When you’re in Historic Forestville, be sure to add time for another visit. Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery is a great spot for wine tastings and for good food. To learn more, click here.

To learn more about Minnesota’s historic sites and to plan your next visit head to

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