Leap Day Love: The Proposal

The Irish tradition on Leap Day is for a woman to propose to her man, they even made a movie about it called “Leap Year.” That was something we were hoping to catch on camera. It’s why we partnered with Ridgedale Center and ran a contest called “Leap Day Love.” We found out there were a lot of viewers ready to pop the question on television. But one caught our eye. Cheryl and Terry have been together for 13-years and Cheryl told us she was ready to take a big leap. So we sent Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson to help her pull it off on Saturday night.

Our Leap Day Love winners, not only won a lifetime of love, they also won big from partners at Ridgedale Center. Redstone Grill gifted the couple $400. TUMI gave them $300 to spend on great travel gear. Tommy Bahama at Ridgedale Center gifted the couple $300 and Helzberg Diamonds gave them $4,000 to spend on rings!

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