TCL Time Travels: Forest History Center

TCL Time Travels is headed to Grand Rapids. This northern town is gorgeous and full of history. The Forest History Center is where visitors of all ages get to learn about the past, present and the future of our great state’s forests. Inside the history center, you’ll get an idea of what the men in the timber business had to endure. It also takes us back to the 1900’s to a logging camp.

Outside you see where the camps held about eighty men in the dead of winter. You learn about how they worked, where they slept, even where the blacksmith helped prepare the men for the adventures. There’s also a view that you won’t get anywhere else. A 100 foot fire tower is hard to miss. It’s outside the center’s front doors and it’s a great way to get a little exercise and to see some beautiful views of the Grand Rapids area. Below the tour, there are nearby trails, too.

Grand Rapids is home to the Judy Garland Museum. “The Wizard of Oz” was made nearly eighty years ago and yet the childhood home of Judy still attracts visitors from around the world. You’ll see Dorothy’s dress, the original carriage used in the movie and a replica of those family ruby red slippers. Unfortunately, the original pair were stolen about twelve years ago. Despite a one million dollar reward, they have never been found.

You can’t go up north without enjoying the lakes. Sugar Lake Lodge is the perfect spot to do just that. You can fish, do a little boating, golf and even do a little relaxing by the pool. The accommodations are perfect for the entire family.

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