Things To Look For with Desrochers Realty Group

Julie and Daniel Desrochers from Desrochers Realty Group and eXp Realty shared what they think you should be looking for when buying a new home. These might not be the most “fun” parts of home shopping but they are definitely important and can be real dealbreakers!

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  • Accessibility to the areas you frequent like work, shopping, leisure activities, day care, etc
  • If you have kids, is in a school district you want to be in
  • Size of the lot
  • How private is the lot
  • Does it back or front to anything that could be a negative like a busy road, rail road tracks or high voltage power lines
  • Even if a buyer is personally ok with those things they need to understand how that will impact the value and re-sale of their home
  • Tip: to not waste time, look at the aerial satellite shot of the house online before you go to look at it – easy way to rule out homes that may be by something you don’t want to be by


  • Is the structure sound, is the general constriction of the house good?
  • How do the foundation walls look, are there any cracks or movement?
  • Are there cracks or movement in the house walls or ceilings?
  • Are the things like skylights that have leaked or could leak over time?
  • Some of these things may be deal breakers and some may be fixable but it’s best to know about them before you spend money on an inspection


  • There are a lot of things that are easier to change about a house one of the harder things though is changing the layout
  • You can change the type of cabinets and countertops but may not easily or economically be able to change the layout of the kitchen
  • Make sure you like the flow of the home and where rooms and bedrooms are located
  • Work with a realtor that knows if you can open a wall up in the future or make some small changes to make the layout work better
  • Do you want a master bedroom that is close to your kids or on another level
  • Think not only about how the layout will work for you right now but how it will work in the future as your life changes and family grows.


  • Definitely not an exciting part of the house
  • But, can be costly if they need to be fixed or replaced
  • It is important that buyers understand how the mechanicals work and the difference between the type of systems they could have – for example is it a boiler or a forced air furnace that heats the house?
  • If you like a house you should pay closer attention to the mechanicals
  • Look for dates so you know how old something is
  • You can usually find the manufacturing date on the water heater and find paperwork or installation stickers to tell you how old the furnace is
  • If there are older items you want to be able to factor that into possibly your offer or at least your maintenance budget for your home

Overall maintenance:

  • How is the condition of the windows and the roof?
  • Have the appliances been maintained?
  • What about wear and tear on things like flooring, cabinets and baseboards?
  • Often times you have to look very close to see these details
  • We see buyers get awed by the decorations or paint colors and light fixtures and they have a hard time looking past that to the small details
  • Deferred maintenance on some items could mean that the seller deferred maintenance on larger items
  • This is a good way to tell how well maintained the home was
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