TCL In Your Town: Prescott/ How To Be On Or Near the Water Without a Boat

Prescott, Wisconsin has a whole lot of character and part of that charm is the water. You can’t talk about this town without talking about it, but what if you don’t have a boat? No problem. There are several ways to enjoy the St. Croix and the Mississippi Rivers.TCL Reporter Emily Engberg gives us three ideas.

First up, there’s a great city beach that is somewhat of a best kept secret for neighbors in that area. It’s a bit hidden on lake street, just off of the Highway 10 bridge. It is right in the heart of a cute neighborhood. It has a picnic area which is perfect for the entire family. The water is just steps from a nice beach and there’s a dressing area and shower spot in the shelter. It’s not too big, but it certainly has a lot of personality and charm for someone wanting to do enjoy the water.

Walking around Prescott is a great way to really see its beauty. The River Walkway is four blocks long. We found people walking their dogs, taking a stroll with family, and even stopping to see the water and the trains go by. There’s a lot of birds, boats and even barges to see. It’s right next to the Prescott Boat Club and Marina. So, you’ll see lots of action on the water.

Looking for a good drink and food, plus a good view? Muddy Waters is your place! This hot spot has three levels of outdoor patios, including a covered section. They are known for being a hot spot for entertainment. On Sundays, Muddy Waters has a great blues musicians playing. They come from all over the country and the cities. It attracts big crowds is definitely known as a Sunday Funday.

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