7/28 Movie Trip

Our TCL movie guy Paul McGuire Grimes has a great spy movie that takes place in the cold war. And two home releases, one happens to to be shot in Minnesota.

ATOMIC BLONDE (theatrical release)

It’s November 1989 in Berlin. The Cold War is in full swing and the Berlin Wall still separates the city. Charlize Theron stars in the title role as MI-6 agent Lorraine Broughton. She’s brought in to Berlin from London to investigate the murder of a man named James Gasciogne who had a dossier of corrupt government agents. The names on the list could potentially lead to the extension of the Cold War if it falls in the hands of the Russians. The list would also expose the identity of a double agent named Satchel who is a traitor to Britain. Lorraine has her work cut out for her in Berlin and her new associate David Percival doesn’t prove to be very trustworthy.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? Not a perfect spy flick, but I’d be up for more Atomic Blonde movies.

WILSON (home release)

Woody Harrelson stars as Wilson, a guy who thinks that life is sad, pointless and a charade based on lies. He’s not the kind of stranger you want to encounter as he can be abrasive and rude to other people as if that’s normal behavior. He finds out that his dad has Stage 4 lung cancer and pays him a visit in the days leading up to his death. This reunion and acknowledgment of his death inadvertently forces Wilson to reevaluate his life. The prospect of having no family or friends around is the wakeup call he desperately needs. He decides to reconnect with his ex-wife Pippi and learns that they have a kid together whom he’s never met. Wilson and Pippi journey in Minnesota to spend time with their daughter in order to bond as a family again.

GIFTED (home release)

Chris Evans leaves behind his Captain America shield for a heartwarming family drama. Frank is single guy raising his niece Mary. After his sister commits suicide, Frank decided to raise Mary as her father is no longer in the picture. They live in simple, low income home in Florida. Mary has been home schooled up until this point and now she is being forced to go to a brick and mortar school for first grade. She is extremely frustrated with Frank’s decision and gets in trouble for giving attitude to her teacher and principal. Her teacher, Bonnie, comes to realize Mary is beyond gifted and is far smarter than any first grader in her class. The principal is determined to send Mary to an accelerated school, but Frank is determined to give Mary a normal life just like any other kid. When Mary’s maternal grandmother strolls into town, she threatens to break everything up. She takes Frank to court determined to gain custody of Mary believing she can give her a more fulfilled life worthy of her talents.

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