Valentine’s with your Galentines

Jill and Jason Miller are the owners of a guided DIY workshop space  called Projects in Person located in Hopkins.  Jill and her daughters, Morgan and Kennedy stopped by with cute valentine’s day craft ideas you can make for your Galentines.

Project 1: Yarn Love Bugs


  1. Wrap yarn around cardboard- will have prewrapped, tie knot in middle, drape over dixie cup, trim “hair” and add accessories
  2. Girls will be punching out hearts for ears and curling pipe cleaner around pen
  3. Show how to add ears and eyes with glue
  4. Add treat inside!

Project 2: Yarn Tassel Garland for classroom, home, or office


  1. Similar to love bugs, wrap yarn (girls will keep wrapping while I’m showing the next steps, tie knot in the middle | bring ends together and tis off at the top with a clear hair band.
  2. Trim tassel to size and string through the top to connect.


Galentine’s/Valentine’s Workshops at PIP

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