Indoor House Plants

Home and Garden Expert, Larry Pfarr, shared tips on how to care for your indoor house plants.

-Choose the right plant for your conditions.
-Know your light conditions before you buy a plant.

-Overwatering is more of a problem than underwatering.
-Keep in mind that overwatering can lead to a plant looking wilted which often leads to watering it even more. Don’t let plants sit in water.

-As a general rule most houseplants should be fertilized when they are actively growing which is from April – September.

-Always read and follow directions on the fertilizer container. It’s better to dilute fertilizer with more water than to add too much.

-When purchasing a new houseplant it does not need to immediately be transplanted into a larger container. If you are moving it to a new container, the container should be about the same size as the one it came in.
-After a year or more if you determine your plant needs a new home, increase the size of the container just slightly.  Ex. If your plant is in a 6” container,  move it into a 7” container.

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