Common Sunscreen Mistakes

We all know that sunscreen protects us from the sun’s damaging rays but there are common mistakes people make when it comes to applying sunscreen. Dr. Terri Wollan from Entira Family Clinics shares some of the biggest mistakes.

Mistake #1: You’re not reapplying enough
You should reapply every 90 minutes

Dr. Wollan recommends Neutrogena ultra-sheer SPF 30-60

Mistake #2: Not protecting commonly missed spots
Back of thighs
Feet and between toes

Mistake #3: Swimming right after reapplying sunscreen
You should wait at least 10-15 minutes if possible

Mistake #4: Using products with questionable ingredients
Don’t be faked out by “natural” protection.

Only natural protection is zinc

Mistake #5: Don’t rely on beach umbrellas
Umbrellas can’t shield you from rays that bounce off the sand under the umbrella

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