Back-to-School Breakfast Ideas

Alice Seuffert, the creator of Dining with Alice explained tips and recipes for a great start to the school day for your kids. Enjoy Nuts at Home to Pack in the Protein. Some children have nut allergies so it’s a good idea to enjoy nuts at home and not bring nut-related foods to school. Why nuts? Nuts contain protein and good fats that help kids learn and stay full longer. Any easy way to get nuts into your child’s breakfast is through a Protein-Packed Green Smoothie or a Berry Smoothie Bowl. Protein-Packed Green Smoothie Recipe Berry Smoothie Bowl Recipe For the smoothie bowls, you can add toppings like fresh fruit, nuts, coconut, or granola. Homemade Granola Recipe Big Batch Cooking on the Weekend Make big batch recipes on the weekend when you have more time. Make big batches of muffins, waffles, breakfast sandwiches, or pancakes. Lemon Zucchini Muffins Recipe Pumpkin Waffles Recipe Make Some Easy Grab and Go Breakfasts Grab and go breakfasts should be easy to prepare and easy to eat. You can make your own yogurt parfaits, breakfast sandwiches, or even easy tortilla wraps. Breakfast Biscuit Sandwiches Tortilla Wraps: Take a tortilla wrap and spread with your favorite flavor of whipped cream cheese. Add dried fruit, nuts, or even sliced meat or bacon pieces.

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