Good Company: Emily’s Bakery and Deli

Emily’s Bakery and Deli is a hometown favorite in Hastings. For years, it has been serving up some of the best donuts, cookies, cakes and other treats to its customers. It has been in the Hastings area for more than a century. In 1988, brother and sister, Steve Fox and Norine Bishop, took over the business from their parents when it was known at Hasting’s Home Bakery. They changed the name to Emily’s Bakery and Deli in honor of their grandparents Emily and Elmer Walker who bought the bakery in the 1940’s.

Emily’s is busy. Check it out on a Friday and you will see endless lines of people coming in. Norine says Hastings is a bakery town and the people have truly made what it is today. They have supported them from the very beginning. Norine and Steve says it was their father’s work ethic that taught them that no matter what you need to keep going. When people are sleeping, they work. When people are celebrating holidays, they are probably working. Despite the challenges, the reward is seeing countless customers happy. The hard work pays off.

Emily’s does special occasions, including birthdays and weddings. Their deli has home-made soups and sandwiches. This good company truly is a gem and the hope is they are around for another one hundred years.

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