Chef Inspired S’mores

Maybe you think bonfire nights should be left to summer, but fall is where roasting marshmallows just feels right. The air is crisp and it’s sweatshirt weather. But we’re not talking about your store bought mallows. You can make your own, and adding frozen fruit to the recipe can make those s’mores chef inspired. Schwan’s chef, Christina Kaelberer stopped by to help us take it up a notch.

Cherry Marshmallow

1/3 cup Schwan’s® Dark Sweet Cherries, pureed
½ cup Sugar
1/8 cup Invert Sugar
1/8 cup Corn Syrup

1/8 cup Invert Sugar
14g Knox Gelatin powder
¼ cup Filtered water

Prepare your pan- using a 9×12 sheet pan, spray lightly with pan spray, line with plastic wrap and dust generously with Cornstarch.

Soak the gelatin in the water.

Bring the first 4 ingredients to a rolling boil and place in a stand mixer with the soaked gelatin and the second amount of Invert sugar.

Whip until the bowl is cool to the touch, pour into our prepared pan.

Dust generously some cornstarch onto your recently turned out marshmallow and gently pat to flatten out, using a dusting of cornstarch to prevent sticking.

Let set overnight at room temperature covered at room temperature.

Cut into desired shapes.

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