#Porkapalooza Pork Loin Recipe

John Van House of Grand Casino Mille Lacs stopped by the TCL kitchen to share a pork loin recipe for our #Porkapalooza sponsored by The Minnesota Pork Board.

Try it yourself!

Bone in Pork Loin (7 lb)
Rosemary (1 T)
Kosher Salt (3 T)
Black Pepper (1 T)

  1. Preheat an oven to 325 degrees F.
  2. Rub the seasoning on to all sides of the pork and place onto a sheet pan.
  3. Cook the pork in a 325° oven for 1 hr and 15 min or until an internal temperature of 150° has been reached. Check the pork at 1 hour to judge remaining cooking time.
  4. When finished, hold the pork loin at 135 degrees F or higher for service.

For more information on cooking pork and pork nutrition at Pork.org/cooking.

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