Big Foods: Giant Ice Cream Sandwich

Seventh Street in Saint Paul is a hopping place full of restaurants and bars. It’s right in the heart of the action with the Xcel Energy Center only being steps away.

One of the newest spots is Seventh Street Truck Park. It’s a cool restaurant and bar that has open garage doors on nice days. That makes it fun because you can just walk straight up from the outside and take a seat at the bar. It has several neat permanent food trucks inside with tons of style. You can order food from the trucks and even listen to live music. Seventh Street Truck Park is all about the fun!

The biggest thing to check out is the dessert. It’s two giant chocolate chip cookies from T-Rex Cookies. Inside, several pounds of ice cream from Sebastian Joe’s fill the cookies. It feeds several and will definitely fill you up. You can choose the ice cream you’d like to enjoy. The ice cream sandwich will set you back $99.00.

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