Big Foods: Pretzel

New Bohemia Wurst and Bier House is on St. Paul’s popular seventh street. This restaurant bar has beer from all over the country and the world. They serve thirty six different craft beers. They also have more than two dozen types of sausages. All of them are from Minnesota.

One of the most popular items on the menu is the pretzel, but it’s not just any pretzel. It’s a big food! They have traditional and cinnamon version. They will cost you fourteen dollars. They are perfect to share and oh so good. If you can’t finish it in one sitting, don’t worry. They are just as good when they heated up in the oven. When you throw it in the oven, put it in for eight to ten minutes at three hundred fifty degrees.

When you have your pretzel, don’t forget about the drink. New Bohemia also has a big beer. It’s in a big boot that is three liters worth of beer.

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