Big Foods: Randy’s Premiere Pizza

Pizza is a favorite for many families. It’s not unusual to have a large pizza, but there’s one pizza spot in the east metro that doesn’t do large. It does REALLY large.

Randy Hueffmeier is the owner. He is a world champion at pizza tossing. For decades, he’s gone up against some of the best. His customers say his pizzas are some of the best, too. They are big in taste and size. Randy’s Premiere Pizza has a thirty inch, thirty six inch and even a forty eight inch pizza. The thirty inch costs about ninety eight dollars. The thirty six is about a hundred thirty four dollars and the monster forty eight inch pizza will set you back about two hundred fifty six dollars.

Randy says his pizzas are great tasting and even when they are really big they don’t miss out on taste. He make sure that he doesn’t shortchange the toppings just because it’s big.

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