Revival Saint Paul

Revival Restaurant in Saint Paul is a hot spot. Its southern style food brings in guests from all over the cities. It’s known for its meat and boy do they go through a lot of it. Chef Thomas Boemer prepares anywhere from four hundred to five hundred pounds of brisket per week. It’s made in a huge smoker that can accommodate up to one thousand pounds of meat at the same time.

Chef Boemer says you don’t have to have a monster smoker to make good brisket at home. In fact, Thomas says there are some great tips to making a winning meal. He says to get the smoky flavor, use indirect smoking on a weber style charcoal grill. He also says slow and low is no more. Hot and fast is a newer trend in barbeque. And even though it’s getting cold, grilling is still okay. It’s definitely not just a summer activity.

Chef Boemer is teaming up with his favorite team. The Vikings. He’s a huge fan and he had the opportunity to cook for the team after a Taste of the NFL day of service. He served over three hundred pieces of fried chicken, seventy pounds of brisket, two hundred biscuits and about twenty four pounds of collard greens. The team loved it. The Vikings have a rule that if they win their game after the chef prepares the food, the chef comes back. So, he cooked for the team again.

Chef Boemer is the Vikings Chef Representative for the twenty seventh annual Taste of the NFL‘s Party. The event has helped raised more than twenty five million dollars to feed Americans in each NFL city. This year’s event will take place on Saturday, February 3, 2018, at the River Centre in Saint Paul.

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