Nolo’s Kitchen and Bar

From the moment you walk in through the front doors at Nolo’s Kitchen and Bar in the North Loop, you are greeted by its stunning beauty.  It’s got a perfect blend of old and new.  Though Nolo’s has only been in existence since 2017, the building is historic, previously the home of a hardware store.  But the 100 year charm of the structure feels new, thanks to its modern design, that still embraces its history.

Co-owner Brett Johnson met up with TCL co-host Steve Patterson to give him a taste of the menu.  In short, Patterson was blown away!  The drinks were well-crafted and delicious.  When they moved over to the food, it got even better.  If you ask Steve, he says do not pass on their dry-rubbed wings.  Oh, and the burger is so good.  Also, if you don’t order the salmon, you’re making a mistake.  In short, Nolo’s Kitchen and Bar is doing it right in the North Loop.

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