4th of July Signature Cocktails

In addition to the beer, pop and water you’ll serve at your 4th of July party this year, why not create your own signature drink? And make it red, white and blue while you’re at it. Members of the Twin Cities Live staff happily volunteered to test out a few cocktail recipes to give you some inspiration. TCL reporter Kelli Hanson, producer Lisa Adams and photographer Drew Schingen stopped by with drinks they’ll be serving at their holiday party!

Kellis Drink


Berry Patriotic

+ Add equal parts blueberry liqueur & vodka to a shaker filled with ice and shake until well mixed

+ top with club soda

+ garnish with blueberries and/or strawberries

*can add mint!


Lisas Drink

Blue Lemon Sparkler

+ 3 tbsp lemon juice

+ ½ cup coconut rum

+ 2 ½ cups Ginger Ale

+ a couple drops of Grenadine

+ blueberries for garnish


Drews Drink

Independence Day Summer Shandy

+ Add lemonade to your favorite lemonade

+ Add Sparkler!


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