KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates

The brand KOHLER is well-known at home improvement stores. They also make chocolate. And when you pair chocolate with wine, it makes for a great Mother’s Day gift. Gerald Allison, General Manager of KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates, stopped by with chocolate and wine pairing suggestions just in time for the holiday.

The chocolates featured come from their Love and Spring collections:

  1. Champagne heart with Jacqueline Leonne Brut
  2. Rose heart with Jacqueline Leonne Rose
  3. Key lime with Eroica Riesling
  4. Pink lemonade with Jacqueline Leonne Rose

The chocolates featured are available at the Craverie Chocolatier Cafe in Kohler, Wisconsin. You can also buy them online.

Use code TCL50 to get free overnight shipping for orders of $50 or more.

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