Lobster Panzanella Salad w/ Fried Burrata & Preserved Heirlooms

Chef David Fhima stops by and prepares a recipe that features preserved heirlooms. David is all about the Farmer’s Market. His restaurant, Fhima’s, is all about sustainable nature of food.

Serves 1 (increase recipe per guest)


White Organic Pain de Mie or Brioche (found in any good bakery section)
1 tbsp of Rice Bran Oil (or high smoking point oil)
2 oz of Lobster Meat
Tsp of fresh rosemary
Tsp of fresh oregano
Tsp of fresh sage
Tbsp of grass fed butter
1 buratta bowl
½ cup whole, baby heirloom tomatoes
Micro fresh basil for garnish
Salt and Pepper to taste

Cut White Organic pain de mie bread in 1-inch square
-toast at 350 until crunchy for 5/7 minutes (8 pieces)

Add to a heated sauté pan:
1 tbsp of rice bran oil or any high smoking point oil (no trans-fat)
Sear 2 oz of lobster meat at medium heat
-add toasted bread
-add 1 tsp of each:
Fresh Rosemary
Fresh Oregano
Fresh Sage
-add 1 tbsp of butter
Mix for one or two mins at low heat…set aside

Dip 1 small burrata bowl in a tempura batter (do not season)
Fry at 350 for 60/70 seconds making sure burrata does not explode….remove, set aside

Set lobster and bread in the center of a plate then top with burrata and preserved heirlooms
-garnish with micro basil or fresh basil

Cut burrata and let cheese melt over salad, Enjoy!

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