Watermelon & Burrata Salad

Chef Jametta Raspberry has been cooking in the Twin Cities for years.  Her new endeavor is hosting and creating one of a kind experiences at pop up dinners with her business called, House of Gristle.  Jametta joins us with one of her go-to meals.

Join Jametta at her next event on May 1, 2022.  Appetite at the APT takes you down the rabbit hole for a Mad Hatter Tea Party!  Appetite at the APT transforms itself into a lush vibrant garden party, Chef Jametta Rasberry takes a maddening knife to brunch and high tea menus while Fashion Designer / Influencer Richard Moody’s designs and models lead you further down the rabbit hole. Lest we forget, no party is complete without a cup or two of spilt tea! You’ll most definitely want to wear a tea hat, Sunday hat, walking hat, opera hat, bridal hat, but most definitely not a baseball hat.  For more details and tickets, click here.

Watermelon and Burrata Salad

¼ of a Watermelon large diced
1 pint of Cherry Tomatoes halved
1 Red Onion sliced thin
1 or 2 Jalapenos sliced thin
1 to 2 balls Burrata cheese torn into pieces
Chopped mint
Chopped dill
½ c Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Tablespoon of Ground Mustard
1 Tablespoon of roasted garlic
1 Tablespoon of roasted shallots
¼ cup Sesame seeds
Salt and pepper to taste


Assemble first six ingredients on a platter or large bowl

For the dressing, whisk remaining ingredients by hand or blend in the blender and drizzle on top

of salad.

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