Caribbean Backyard Bash

If you’ve got a summer BBQ in your upcoming plans, we want you to put down that package of hotdogs. Don’t even think of buying that relish tray. Instead, escape to the Caribbean. The owner of Pimento Jamaican Kitchen, Tomme Beevas, stopped by to show us how to pull together a Caribbean Backyard Bash.

1. Starts with a cocktail

**Rum Punch (also mocktail version)**

– orange juice
– pineapple juice
– dark rum
– white rum
– syrup
– lime juice
– mocktail skips the rum and uses Ting (a Jamaican grapefruit variation)

2. Roast Snapper

+ put fish and whatever veggies you like in a foil packet and grill

3. Sides

+ Plantain Chips
+ Fresh Mango Salsa

Pimento Jamaican Kitchen has currently suspended their food service and are, instead focusing all their efforts on taking care of their community.  They have reinvented themselves into a makeshift relief organization where they are accepting drop offs of food, milk, water, diapers, masks, and medical supplies.  They are not tied to any organizations but say they will be there as long as there is a need for food or services.  Families can reach out directly to Pimento Jamaican Kitchen through their Facebook page.

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