Holiday Frenched Crown Roast

Chef Tim McCarty from the Minnesota Pork Board is here to show us an eye catching Holiday Frenched Crown Roast.

Holiday Frenched Crown Roast 

Serves 10 people

Whole Frenched Pork Rack                   1 each
Fresh thyme (chopped)                          2 TBSP
Fresh Sage (chopped)                             2 TBSP
Fresh Chives (chopped)                         2 TBSP
Garlic (minced)                                        2 TBSP
Dijon mustard                                          ½ cup
Salt & pepper mix                                   1 TBSP
Butcher’s string                                       2 36” pc
Long bamboo sticks                                2 each

Lay pork rack on cutting board bone side up, make a ½” cut in between each bone at the top and bottom. Fold in a circle and make sure it flex’s and will make a full circle.  Trim all the bones to make sure the tips are meat free, save trimmings.  Now it’s time to season, salt and pepper rub Dijon and garlic, all over the meat, keep the bone tips clean, coat with herbs.  fold rack back in a circle pick with the 2 bamboo sticks to hold, take 1 of the strings and tie around rack tight, then the other, remove bamboo. Retouch herbs and place on sheet pan roast in a 375 deg oven for 45 min or the internal temp reaches 145 pull and rest on the counter for 20 min.

Pork Sausage Stuffing

Pork Sausage                                          1lb
Pork trim (diced)                                     ?
Onions (diced)                                       ½ cup
Butternut Squash (diced)                    1 cup
Apple (diced)                                          1 cup
Crouton’s                                                4 cups
Pork stock                                              1 1/2 cup
Fresh herb mix                                      1/3 cup
Black pepper                                          1 TBSP

In a heavy pot sauté sausage, pork trim, onions, butternut, apples until sausage is done, add the rest mix and bake at 375 for 30 min. When Crown roast is done stuff the center with the stuffing and garnish with some roasted fall vegetables.

Fall Roasted Vegetables

Brussel sprouts  (halves)                           1 cup
Turnups  (lg dice)                                        1 ½ cup
Carrot (lg Dice)                                            1 ½ cup
Red onion (lg dice)                                      1 ½ cup
Fennel Root (lg dice)                                   1 cup
Extra virgin olive oil                                    ¼ cup
Balsamic glaze                                              2 TBSP
S&P                                                                 tt

Cut all the vegetables, oil, balsamic and S&P place on sheet pan, put in a 375 deg oven for 30 min, stir every 10, pull when browned and tender.

Pork Glaze

Pork stock                                               5 cups
Dijon                                                         ½ cup
Roasted vegetable                                  1 cup
Corn starch slurry                                  1/3 cup

Put stock, Dijon and roasted vegetable in sauce pot on stove, blend with a blend stick and thicken with cornstarch. Serv hot

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