The Olive Grove’s Season Favorites   

Natalie Jaeger, owner of The Olive Grove Olive Oil, shares recipe using some of the season’s favorite flavors.


Oatmeal Breakfast bowl – Several years ago we did Elizabeth’s favorites, and one of them was the Maple Balsamic.  We created an Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl.  I make oatmeal, and add banana, strawberries (really whatever fruit you love, but I think berries and bananas go best), and best of all a spoonful of peanut butter.  It’s very filling!

Fall Harvest Pasta – This recipe is very pretty to look at, but tastes even better.  Although there isn’t any meat in it, I find it very hearty, and I can eat this as my meal.  But a great side dish for sure.  I use the Mushroom & Sage olive oil in this dish, along with our Orecchiette Pasta.  Orecchiette means little ears.  They are small pieces of pasta.  All the ingredients in this dish are cut into small sizes, so each bite you take, you can easily have some of everything on the fork and can enjoy the blended flavors!

Baked Sweet Potato with Maple and Crème Fraiche Tis the season for sweet potatoes!  The addition of our Butter Olive Oil and Maple balsamic vinegar is so great in this potato.  I also top it with crème fraiche and diced pancetta.  You get creamy, sweet, savory and salty in one bite!


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  • 7 oz bottle Mushroom & Sage Olive Oil – tastes like Thanksgiving in your mouth! But really is great all year long!  It’s a favorite on gnocchi, pasta, and risotto.  I use it a lot to cook my scrambled eggs in and top with cheese.  Great on grilled meats, potatoes (think mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving and definitely stuffing).
  • 7 oz bottle Maple Balsamic Vinegar – tastes just like Maple Syrup!!  This balsamic is a brunch favorite on oatmeal, pancakes and sausage.  Our customers also love it over their vegetables, like, roasted brussels sprouts, green beans, spinach salad, and even pork chops!

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