BLT Caesar Salad aka the BLT-aesar

Michele Philips, creator of Bacon Fatte blog creates a BLT Caesar Salad that’s great for a Monday Night Meal.
•        Adding rotisserie, grilled or any leftover chicken to this salad makes it even heartier
•        To make it kid-friendly, just use Ranch dressing for the littles.
Click here for the recipe.

Bonus Recipes:
Bacon Spinach Penne Pasta

This is ridiculously good! Super simple to make + it’s a great way to get some greens into a meal (or not, depending on individual preferences).

BBQ Chicken & Bacon Flatbread w/ Apples, Red Onions, Cheddar & Arugula + Sauce

My favorite recipes are “No-Recipe Recipes” like this one! I shared different ideas on the blog for inspiration, but really, this is a great way to use whatever you have on hand!

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