Bebe Zito Ice Cream

When it comes to food, there are some incredible chefs in the Twin Cities doing things that you wouldn’t think is possible.  When it comes to ice cream, Ben Spangler, the creator of Bebe Zito, is one of the most creative in the industry.  Kelli Hanson is at their Malcom Yards location checking out their fall flavors.

  • All the Fall Things:  sweet cream base with roasted walnuts, maple butter swirl and bleu cheese mix ins – topped with additional bleu cheese
  • Mushroom Pecan: a rare mushroom that tastes like maple syrup and steep it into the base, roasted pecans are mixed in for a delicious crunch
  • Pumpkin Becky: a roasted bumpkin base with café miel sauce drizzled throughout, giner molasses cookie dough chunks, topped with addition miel sauce and pecans

Ben’s Halloween creations:

  • Hannibal’s Dinner:  sweet cream base with foie gras, brain and fava bean mix ins – topped with a chianti gastrique
  • The Grasshopper: fresh mint base with chocolate freckle and chocolate covered cricket mix ins.

Bebe Zito is holding their Annual Halloween Costume Contest!  For your chance to win a $200 gift card and a gallon of ice cream, go to their Uptown location and take a photo in costume inside the shop.  Tag Bebe Zito on social media before 10PM on Halloween!

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