Salmon Salad with Superior Fresh!

Elizabeth paid a visit to the Superior Fresh farm in Wisconsin for a tour of their salmon farm and greenhouse facilities – things have grown since the last time she was there!

And Chef Tim McCarty stopped by our studio to cook with those Superior Fresh products! For a link to their website, click here!

Salmon Ceviche Salad

From Tim McCarty, Executive Chef at Rochester Golf & Country Club

  • Superior Fresh Salmon   sliced thin          1LB
  • Lime, Lemon & orange juice                      2TBSP of each
  • Fresh Garlic     minced                                 1 TBSP
  • Avocado         dice                                         2 each
  • Tomatillos     dice                                          ½ cup
  • Red onion      jul                                            ¼ cup
  • Red pepper    jul.                                          ¼ cup
  • Poblano          jul.                                          ¼ cup
  • Green onion   jul.                                         ¼ cup
  • Cucumber       jul.                                          ¼ cup
  • Cilantro           chopped                                ¼ cup
  • Cracked black pepper                                  1 tsp
  • Sea Salt                                                          1 tsp
  • EVOO                                                             2 TBSP
  • Lime, Lemon, Orange Zest                         Garnish

Get everything prep, cut and measured. Mix everything together and let set for 4 hours so the acid from the citrus cooks the Superior Fresh Salmon

Use assorted Superior Fresh Romaine, Green Leaf, Red Burst Frisee, Citrus Splash and Fresh Fried Tortilla




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