Rob’s One-Minute Breakfast Tacos

Cooking for Dad’s host, Rob Barrett, shares a quick, easy, and hot breakfast taco idea that kids can do themselves.

Rob’s Quick Breakfast Tacos


1 tortilla
1 egg
salt and pepper
meat of your choice
cheese of your choice
Vegetables of your choice


In a small bowl, beat one eggs.

Place a small amount of butter, a pinch of salt, some fresh ground pepper, a pinch of sugar,

and whatever cheese, meat and vegetables of your choice to the egg mixture.

Use small amounts of everything.

Stir together.

Place in microwave for 20 seconds. Remove and stir.

Place back in microwave for 20 secs.  Remove and stir.

The eggs should be done but repeat for small amounts of time until the eggs are firm.

Place tortilla on napkin and heat in microwave for 15 secs. Spread with butter.

Place eggs in tortilla, fold over and enjoy.

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