Air Fryer Herb Roasted Loin Back Ribs

Tim McCarty, the Executive Chef at the Rochester Golf and Country Club, uses an air fryer to make an Her Roasted Loin Back Ribs with assorting dipping sauces.

Loin Back Pork Ribs: 3pp

1 rack Pork Ribs
½ stick Butter
2 cloves Garlic Crusted
3 Tbsp Fresh Herbs chopped
1 Tbsp Cracked Black Pepper
½ Tbsp Salt
2 Tbsp Honey

Place a piece of Aluminum Foil, 24” long on a flat surface, place parchment paper on top of that. Lay ribs in the center and put all of the seasoning evenly over the top. Fold the paper up and bring the edges if the foil together fold, then twist the ends. Place on a ½ sheet pan and put in a 225 degree oven for 2hours and 45 min. Remove ,cool and refrigerator. After cooled cut rib between the bones place in a 400 degree Air Fryer for 10 to 12 min. Serve with assorted sauces and or toppings.


Assorted Dipping sauces:

  • Chimichurri
  • Rhubarb BBQ
  • Honey Mustard
  • Ginger Garlic Soy
  • Tequila Lime
  • Blueberry BBQ
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