Mother’s Day Breakfast Recipes

Laurie Crowell from Golden Fig shares some easy ideas for the kids to put together the night before or the morning of for simple but tasty breakfast eats on Mothers Day.

Overnight crock pot French Toast

1 loaf bread cut or pulled into large cubes
2 Cups milk (or non dairy milk of your choice)
6 large eggs
2 tsp Vanilla Bean Paste
1 TB orange zest
1/2 tsp Royal Cinnamon
2 TB maple syrup
2 TB butter + more for greasing slow cooker
2 TB brown sugar

Swipe butter around inside of slow cooker

Toss in cubed bread

In large bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, vanilla bean paste, cinnamon, orange zest and maple syrup.

Pour egg mixture over bread and press down so all milk is soaked up.

Cover and refrigerate 6 hours to overnight

When ready to cook, dot butter over the top, sprinkle brown sugar and cook on low for 4.5 hours or high for 2.5 hours.

Serve with maple syrup or fresh berries


Easy scrambled egg cups

Gather toppings Mom would like! Chevre, herbs, asparagus etc.
18 eggs
salt and pepper to taste
Dynamite Herbs
muffin tin

Preheat oven to 350

Butter all muffin openings

sprinkle toppings inside each tin about 1/3 full

Whisk together eggs, saslt, pepper and a few shakes Dynamite Herbs

Carefully pour eggs into each cavity.

Bake 10-12 minutes until just set. Let cool a few minutes and serve with fresh berries.


Fresh strawberries with lavender buds

Wash and quarter strawberries
Sprinkle with lavender buds


Fizzy Tropical Refresher

Makes 4 beverages

Fill 4 glasses halfway with ice
Add 2 TB Passion fruit pineapple juice to each
Add 6 oz orange juice to each
Add 4 oz club soda to each

squeeze a little lime to each

Garnish with edible flower or lime slice

Mom can add her favorite spirit if she would like

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