Easy Breakfast Ideas

Alice Seuffert, creator of Dining with Alice is here with her fun ideas and recipes for making breakfast fun and easy for parents and kids.

Breakfast Popsicles

· This is a great breakfast option for being on the go or if you are headed to the beach or lake in the morning. It also makes a nutritious snack!

· You can modify with your favorite fruit!

· For this recipe, you will need to use a popsicle mold (Alice’s Amazon affiliate links) and popsicle sticks

Alice uses the Norpro Popsicle maker and it makes 10 popsicles, this recipe is based on using that popsicle mold.

Sheet Pan Pancake

· No flipping individual pancakes for this recipe. Make one giant pancake in the oven and slice into squares. Serve with apple sauce or syrup.

· This is a great breakfast option for a make-ahead breakfast. Make a big batch and freeze for later!

· You can add your favorite toppings. I like to do a variety of fruit and chocolate chips.

Other Simple Breakfast Ideas

· Snacking Breakfast is a great for kids who love variety! Think homemade “Breakfast Lunchable” and offer your kids small amounts of items that they can eat together or separate. Examples: Homemade trail mix (nuts, fruit, dark chocolate), hardboiled eggs, pre-cooked sausage crumbles or sausage patties, cubed cheese, and tortilla, bread, or mini bagels.

· For a peanut butter alternative, substitute whipped cream cheese. It is easy to spread and great for making breakfast wraps (tortilla, cream cheese, and crumble sausage).

· If you have a hard time getting your child to eat breakfast, try a drinkable breakfast with a Green Smoothie.

· If your child loves cereal, swap out their cereal bowl with a Smoothie Bowland use the cereal as a topping in addition to fresh or dried fruit and nuts.

· Make a large French toast casserole (Lemon Raspberry French Toast Bake), slice up individual servings and freeze. Defrost and heat for an easy breakfast option.

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